Cherry grappa

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

What I like most about cherries is that they remind me of the beginning of summer and long sunny days …..something about the colour …..cherries celebrate life!

In June….wherever you go in Portugal you will find small improvised farmer stands alongside the roads selling luscious cherries.

Cherries are very popular in Portugal and there are many recipes such as jams, desserts and licors that use this so-called “red gold”…

This year I am finally making a cherry grappa, it is inspired in a recipe I once got from a croatian friend…however, I am giving it a Portuguese twist, after all, it is made with Portuguese ingredients and in my Portuguese kitchen…

All you need is…

1 kg of cherries
1 litre of grappa or aguaradente
750 g of sugar
1 apple
1 orange
1/2 a lemon

Fill a sterilised jar with all the ingredients, cover it tightly and stash away for 45 days…tip the jar or turn it upside down every now and then to mix. It will be ready in August! Just in time to…continue celebrating summer ….and life!


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