Fish stew * Caldeirada

Fish stew is a bite of the sea!
If there is something you can find in Portugal, it is fresh fish! Sometimes it is captured minutes before it hits the pan!

Fish stews are really popular in seaside restaurants along the Portuguese coast. It used to be a dish for the poor tables, but are now highly considered and truly valued…

Wherever you may be in the world, it is quite easy to make a Portuguese fish Stew, the secret is: keep it simple!
You may find the long list of ingredients daunting, but once you prepare them you just simply have to neatly nest the layers of flavour…
You will need:
*1 kg of assorted fish (Grouper, sea bass and European conger)
*5 to 10 large shrimps (optional)
*1 kg of peeled and sliced potatoes
*3 yellow onions cut into slices
*3 cloves of minced garlic
*1/2 red pepper cut into strips
*dash of Maçarico piri-piri (to taste and optional)
*parsley or cilantro/coriander (choose the herb that most suits your taste buds!)
*1 teaspoon paprika
*1 cup of olive oil
*1 cup of dry white wine
*kosher salt (to taste)
*toasted slices of bread to serve
piri piri maçarico
In a saucepan, forming layers, add the sliced onions, garlic, tomato, peppers, parsley or coriander, sliced potatoes and the fish. Place the sliced onions and peppers, paprika, salt and olive oil on the upper layer.
Once all the ingredients are placed in the pot, add the seasonings, the olive oil, the water and white wine.
Cover the pan and bring to a boil to cook.
NEVER stir the stew.
Cover the pan and let it finish cooking. It will be ready as soon as the potatoes are cooked. Serve the stew with slices of toasted bread as the stew will have a sort of soupy creamy look…


One thought on “Fish stew * Caldeirada

  1. Hello!
    Moqueca is different…it is a more Brazilian style way to cook fish. it has an African influence.
    The Portuguese version is way more simple, less ingredients and based on the ingredents available in Portugal: onions, peppers and…tomato. We do not have coconut so our recipes hardly ever uses it.
    I promise to post some caldeirada recipes for you to cook…they are so easy…as they were typically the recipes cooked by the fisherman immediately after coming from the sea…they would cook these fish stews right on the beach…i heard stories of them using the sea water to cook the fish (how great is that!)…
    the secret…really… is having fresh fish…nothing else…


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