(first) 10 things to eat in Portugal…

1-Caldeira de Peixe / Fish stew
Should you be in near a coastal area, fish stews are really a must-have! They are delicately seasoned so the taste of the fresh fish can prevail. Eating Portuguese fish stew is like taking a bite of the sea!
Restaurants near the coastal regions are probably the best choice, Nazaré, Figueira da Foz, Mira, Costa Nova and Espinho are famous for their fish stews…

2- Leitão/ Roasted piglet
Best Leitão can be found in the centre of Portugal, specially in the town of Mealhada. I am particularly keen on the Restaurant “Rei dos Leitões”- you will not forget this gastronomic experience. Leitão is roast piglet scented with garlic and pepper…mouthwatering…

Bean stews are very popular! You can find them on many menus, particularly at lunch time: seafood bean stew, pork bean stew and even octupus bean stew (my favourite!)!


4-Cozido à Portuguesa
cozido port
Unique combination of beef, pork, chicken and sausages generously cooked with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Sounds boring, right? Wait until you taste it. Nothing like a Portuguese cozido…

5-Bacalhau à lagareiro
I would say my parents’ house is the place to eat the best grilled cod in Portugal….I am lucky! Whatever, one thing is for sure..If you see the word “lagareiro” on the menu…it is goooooood!!!!


6-Línguas de Bacalhau / Cod fish tongue
Cod fish tongue. Yes, cod fish tongue. You might be asking how big can a cod fish tongue be, right? Well big enough to have an overwhelmingly fresh sea flavour…You can have these made in rice, in a soupy pasta or pan fried…


7-Sardinha assada
This dish is not available all year round…summer months are the best, when sardines are fat and plump! Portuguese, no doubt…


8-Arroz de Marisco / Seafood rice
Coastal restaurants will treat you to a perfect seafood rice. I suggest a small restaurant located in the seaside town of Praia de Mira called Tézinho. Seafood is served in a miniature boat and a pot of rice is served on the side!


9-Arroz de Polvo / Octupus rice
Not easy to find on the menu, but if you are lucky enough to encounter this dish…indulge…


10-Queijo da Serra e marmelada /Cheese from Serra da Estrela
Mouthwatering combination. Portuguese marmelada is made from quince..it melts in your mouth with the cheese…(and red wine, of course)…



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