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Sem Título

This blog is not only about tradition. It is about how modern Portuguese cooking embraces both past and future, both tradition and change….it is not only about heritage, but about building memory….about how modern Portuguese cooking is still very Portuguese…

When you ask a tourist about the most memorable attraction in Portugal, he or she will most likely mention food, before anything else…

We do have extremely welcoming people, pristine forests, beautiful landscapes and a rich historical and cultural heritage, but our food is no doubt one of our most precious treasures.

Ancient recipes that were traditionally reserved for festive occasions and down-to-earth recipes made by the poor communities are now making their way into the modern Portuguese kitchen.

More and more Portuguese cooking is taking cues from the past and keeping up to its traditional homestyle cooking. Modern appliances and techniques have only taken the art of cooking to its greatest expression, for the ingredients remain simple and undergo very little processing. So basically, What you see is what you ….get…


One thought on “About me

  1. Where is that first image you have on the best places to kiss?
    Oporto, the biggest city in the north of Portugal. The pic was taken from the south bank in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia ( where all the port wine cellars are located. Google ‘ribeira do Porto’ and you will find more info.
    (Thanks for reading me…)

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