Sardines in clay roof tiles…

sardinha na telha
Gândara is a coastal region in the centre of Portugal nested in the Atlantic shore. Mira is considered the “heart of Gândara”…
In Gândara flavours of land and sea meet…

Roasted Sardines in clay roof tiles are the epitome of the marriage between land and sea, earth and salt…
“Sardinhas na Telha” are a typical ancient Gândara dish which is now mostly served as a hymn to tradition.

Traditionally the day chosen to bake “broa” or “baixada” in the brick oven bread is when this dish is prepared. After baking the bread, the hot brick oven would still retain enough heat to roast the sardines…and give them an intense smokiness …

The fattier the sardines, the better…they should be descaled by hand and seasoned with kosher salt.
A curved clay roof tile is generously dusted with corn flour. The sardines are coated in the same flour and are set carefully on the tile. The tile is then nested in a hot brick oven and simply wait for the sardines to roast…

Hand-crushed jacket baked potatoes and rich Portuguese olive oil complete this simple, yet flavourful dish…


Portuguese-English Fish Glossary

fish glossary

Abrótea – Forkbread
Anchova – Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)
Atum- Tuna
Bacalhau salgado – Salt cod
Besugo – Axillary seabream
Boca negra – Bluemouth rockfish
Bonito – Skipjack tuna
Cação – Tope
Camarão de água doce –Crayfish/ crawfish
Camarão -Shrimp
Carangueijo -Crab
Carapau-Atlantic horse mackerel
Carpa – Carp
Cavala- mackerel (Atlantic chub mackerel)
Cherne – Wreckfish
Chicharro – Blue jack mackerel
Congro – Conger eel
Corvina- Corvina fish
Crustáceos- Shellfish
Dourada- Gilt-head seabream
Enguia- Eel
Espadarte – Swordfish
Faneca- Pout, bib
Goraz- Blackspot seabream
Imperador- Alfonsino
Lagosta – Lobster
Lírio- Greater amberjack
Lula – Squid
Mero – Dusky Grouper
Mexilhões – Mussels
Octopus -Polvo
Oyesters – Ostras
Pargo – Common Seabream
Peixe cão – Barred hogfish
Peixe espada preto – Black scrabbard fish
Peixe galo – John dory
Peixe porco –Grey triggerfish
Raia – Thornback ray
Robalo- Seabass
Rodovalho- Turbot
Salema- Salema
Salmão- Salmon
Salmonete- Striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus)
Sardinha- Sardine (European pilchard)
Sargo- white seabream
Solha- Wide-eyed flounder
Tainha – Thicklip grey mullet
Tintureira- Blue shark